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Step 1: Install  IPTV Smarters Pro player or Max-iptv Pro From Download Page

First of all, go to the store of your  smart tv apps and look for the app or search IPTV  Smarters player app
This app has been added to the store lately on LG smart TVs and Samsung.
Install the app on your tv. If it asks you to login you can create a free account with LG app store.

Step 2: Enter your info

There are 4 sections you need to fill your info in
Any name: you can enter any name
Username: Enter username
Password: Enter the password


After that click on Add user and wait a few minutes to load channel.

We have 15500 live channels and more than 30000 VOD and series. You can check series on Movies section.

Now you can click on Live TV section to see channel list. Then you can start watching TV by selecting any channel.

You can log in on to get username line and password line

With IPTV Smarters player app, you can use it on android device,  iOs device and PC

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